Monday, August 23, 2010

Interesting week

Last week was an interesting week. I was asked to go to Virginia and assist with some applicants for dogs, and also to do an interview. I got up there on Monday night and settled in for the night. Up and moving early Tuesday morning to get some breakfast and kind of goofed around until it was time to go and meet the clients. The clients that I have met were a pretty diverse group. We had 4 of the 5 branches of the service represented all in one room. 2 Navy, myself and April, 2 from the Air Force, Jennifer and Terry, 1 from the Marines, Jim, and 1 from the Army, Sonny. It was really a neat meeting. Joan was there and did some photographs and even allowed me to move to the shade so as to get a picture without my glasses on. A big thing considering there have been so few taken of me with the dogs without a pair of sunglasses on. I even got my black and tan picture. It is a picture of Me with Sally, and Wyatt. It was a picture I have wanted since the Navy went to the new black and tan uniforms. Silly I know, but what can I say? The meeting went well. A lot of information passed onto the clients and even some new information passed to me. One of the clients had done their "Bump" and was told that they are being teamed with Burke. It was a big moment for them. I know the feelings that went thru their mind. Overall a good day!!
Wednesday rolled around and we had an interview with a French TV station. I was extremely anxious the whole morning. Sally though really helped me to keep grounded. Every time we got into the truck she would stick her nose under my armrest and tell me to raise it. I would and she would move and put her head on my leg, as if to remind me that she was there. We finally met with the reporter. he was working on a series for the station and wanted to know how Sally has helped me. He had kind of a difficult time hen I couldn't answer some of his questions concerning my deployments but we both worked around it. Sally stayed right in front of me the entire interview leaning up against my legs or laying on my feet. From what the reporter told me France has an ever increasing number of suicides that are happening with service members. He asked if I had ever gotten to that point? I told him no but I have asked myself numerous times why one of the IED's that I was hit by didn't work. It is a question that I have heard many other guys and gals that have experienced them ask. After my interview the reporter interviewed Allison and Terry. Then he asked if I could show him some of Sally's training. She was in a really good mood and decided that it was a good day to show off. Every command was followed with no hesitation. The reporter was extremely impressed by the "Pay attention", and "Alert" commands. Sally even did a full roll and let me rub her belly. This caught me off guard as most of the time I only get a quick half roll and then she is back to a lay position. We went outside and the reporter had the 2 of us walk by him several times, while he filmed. Overall it was a decent day, and definitely a great trip!!!